Radek Lux

“My passion is in the technological advances. I am fascinated and interested in exploring new possibilities and new technology in the industry.”

Pavel Bartu

“Currently I drive a Volvo truck. My favourite route is so called ‘road express’, starting from Linz, going to Bordeaux and San Sebastian.”

Robert Mahlke

"It is a pity to see some fellow truck driver colleagues with a shabby look. If they don't look after themselves they not only harm their reputation but as the industry in a whole. This can lead to a bad reputation in society."

Vaclav Zastera

“The industry, like many others, has good and not so good things. But we are all agreed we need to think about the future and how to stay relevant and give a good image to the public.”

Jasmin Wucherer

"Now I’m a trainer and I love to see our young trainees grow and enjoying their job. The trainees appreciate the independence and responsibility the job brings."

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The all-new #onetruckfamily initiative will become a highly visible, proactive and comprehensive media and promotional operation to highlight and then assist in raising the profile and public perception of the profession of truck pilots and industry-likes on the roads of Europe.

Another further aim and objective of this long-term initiative will be to continue to make the road transport industry a great place to work by being an incentive for potential new drivers. In addition, a big push to complement existing campaigns and initiatives with direct and emotional contributions will be a key driver in the #onetruckfamily campaign.

Any media request contact: media@etra-promotion.com

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