Czech Truck Racing Team

Czech Truck Racing Team

Czech Truck Racing Team

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Frankie Vojtíšek has been regular participant in the European Truck Racing Championship events since 1987.

From his debut in ’87 right through to 1999 he was racing LIAZ or SKODA LIAZ trucks.

Between 2000 and 2009 Frankie was sponsored by Renault Trucks and was seen in cockpits of Renault Premium specials, but from 2012 he started racing MAN race truck.

Frankie Vojtíšek took his first racing steps, after completing his apprenticeship at LIAZ, in an autocross buggy. In 1986, he fell in love with race trucks and so started a long career.

Vojtíšek also managed to gain experience in one of the most demanding motorsport events in the world, the Paris-Dakar Rally, participating in 1986 and 1988, when he finished second with a LIAZ truck. In 1987 he completed the first time in the European Truck Racing Championship at the Hungaroring.

Vojtíšek finished the 2015 season in 12th position with the best result of 5th in the first race at Hungaroring.

In 2016 the scored in six rounds and almost finished second at Hungaroring but were denied after a controversial incident with Norbert Kiss.

After a partial 2017 campaign, the team is back in 2018 to compete in a full season and of course 'Fast Frankie' will drive!