24 January 2021

While local hero Norbi Kiss claimed a dominant win in race 1 at the Hungaroring, Spanish truck racing driver and ETRC Digital Racing Challenge newcomer Josy Vila drove home a solid victory in an action packed second race.


After qualifying on pole, Norbert Kiss lead the field from the front, extending his margin lap by lap and took the chequered flag with a 9-second lead.

Behind him a battle for positions developed right from the start as Lukas Hahn and ETRC Digital Racing Challenge newcomer Manuel Alvarez were fighting for second. The pair stayed close with Alvarez turning up the pressure looking for a way past the German. 

In the closing stages of the race Alvarez got close enough to making a move, but lacked the speed to make it stick. He finally finished third behind Lukas Hahn, who did a great job securing second place.

Sascha Lenz who started in fourth stayed with Hahn and Alvarez in front of him throughout the race. However he couldn’t quite get close enough to fight for the podium. 



Antonio Albacete, who finished race 1 in eight place started the reverse-grid race on pole with Björn Tijhuis alongside him.

After Albacete was late on the brakes into turn 1, he locked up and took the Dutch driver out wide with him. Tijhuis got into trouble again a few turns later which saw him drop to the back of the field and finish ninth.

Josy Vila took advantage of the scrap in-front of him and took over the race lead after the first corner ahead of Jonathan Andre and Manuel Alvarez.

Alvarez made a bold move on Andre at the end of lap 1 to go into second. Andre didn’t give up easily and the two drivers kept battling, which allowed Sascha Lenz in fourth to get past the French driver. Lukas Hahn and Norbi Kiss were catching up from behind and both made their way past the yellow Lion Truck Racing MAN and Jonathan Andre dropped back into sixth.

Kiss was on a mission to get back into the top, and after a short fight with the IVECO of Lukas Hahn, overtook the German. Despite catching up to the front runners and getting incredibly close to Lenz, Kiss wasn’t able to get past him and eventually finished fourth.

Lenz really put the pressure on Manuel Alvarez in the last few laps, running side-by-side with the Spaniard, but couldn’t find a way past him. Alvarez closed in on his fellow countryman, but Josy Vila managed to hang on to the position and drove home the victory in his first ever ETRC Digital Racing Challenge.