29 December 2020

Fans and sim racers stepped up to the challenge to try and beat the ETRC pros

35 Sim racers and fans put in 1,351 valid laps in an attempt to try and beat the best lap times of Antonio Albacete, Lukas Hahn, Anthony Janiec, Sascha Lenz, Norbert Kiss and Téo Calvet on their favourite circuits.

Truck and SIM racing ace Norbert Kiss put in a strong lap on his home circuit at the Hungaroring, which none of the challengers were able to beat. Just like Lion Truck Racing’s Anthony Janiec, who dominated the virtual Le Mans Bugatti circuit.

In a last minute turn, Sascha Lenz who had dropped back in the rankings, managed to better his set lap time at Most to regain the lead in the Beat the Pro competition. 

Antonio Albacete’s virtual home circuit of Jarama was in the firm hands of the sim racers. Manuel Alvarez, who put in 113 laps took victory on the virtual Jarama circuit, closely followed by Angel Ropero with 220 laps. Fourth placed Jose Antonio Alemany even put in a whooping 242 laps in a bid to grab the top spot. Antonio finished fifth in the final race results.

Jarama contender Angel Ropero claimed victory on the virtual Nogaro circuit, where local ace Téo Calvet took third place.  

The virtual Nürburgring saw a close battle in which sim racer Javier Lai finished in first, while Lukas Hahn came sixth.



The ETRC truck racing drivers are taking a short break before the Onetruckfamily eSports challenge continues with the ETRC Digital Racing Challenge, which will feature 4 events with 8 races and two separate grids which will run in parallel. The first grid comprises ETRC teams as well as truck racing teams from other national series.

The second grid will be filled with some of the fastest sim racers trying their hand at the virtual 5-ton 1,500-horsepower racing giants.

The virtual races will take place on Sundays with the first round being held on 24 January 2021.

Find out more about the ETRC Digital Racing Challenge and how you can apply HERE