18 December 2020

Truck racing continues virtually in the winter break with four different competitions, bringing truck racing fans closer to the action and to the truck racing pros

Following on from the spring edition of the 8-round ETRC Digital Racing Challenge, which was followed by an average of 129,000 fans, the European Truck Racing Association (ETRA) has set up the Onetruckfamily eSports challenge to continue the truck racing action over the winter break.

The format of the winter edition which runs under the motto of #RaceAsOnetruckfamily will be shaken up and includes four different competitions which will all be raced on Assetto Corsa.

If you’ve always wanted to race against one of the ETRC truck racing drivers, now is your chance!

In Beat the Pro fans will get to challenge their favourite ETRC truck racing driver and will try to beat the best lap times of Antonio Albacete, Lukas Hahn, Anthony Janiec, Sascha Lenz, Norbert Kiss and Teo Calvet on their favourite circuits starting on 19 December 2020.

The ETRC Digital Racing Challenge will feature 4 events with 8 races and two separate grids which will run in parallel. The first grid comprises ETRC teams as well as truck racing teams from other national series.

The second grid will be filled with some of the fastest sim racers trying their hand at the virtual 5-ton 1,100-horsepower racing giants.

The virtual races will take place on Sundays with the first round being held on 24 January 2021.

In the Grand Final the world of truck racing and the world of sim racing will go head to head, with the best 10 of each category battling it out on a track the fans will be able to chose via the ETRC social media channels.

Rules and regulation are based on the real FIA ETRC and the virtual races will be monitored and supervised by an official clerk of the course, race control and officials, who all hold a DMSB license.

The ETRC digital challenge as well as the Grand Final will be broadcast live globally across ETRC’s social media platforms including on the official YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitch and the official website.


To find out more about the four different competitions and how you can get involved visit