18 October 2020

Check out what the drivers said after all the action at the Hungaroring on Sunday ...


1st Norbert Kiss | Révész Truck Racing

"It was a good race for us. A huge thank you to the team for the great work. The truck was just awesome in dry conditions. However. I almost made a mistake at the start because I was still looking at the dashboard and then the green light came so soon. I missed some time at the start but I could stay next to Adam and go in front of him. Our speed was great and I could build a gap. So I didn’t have to fight with the other drivers. Thank you very much to the team!"

2nd Adam Lacko | BUGGYRA Zero Mileage Racing

"We finished second in the third race. Norbi was very fast. Congratulations on his home win. We were fighting with Jochen the whole race and I think it was nice to watch. We will see what happens in the next race."

3rd Jochen Hahn | Hahn Racing

"I am happy, but the day isn’t over yet. We qualified in third position and finished third. So we maintained our strong performance. Congrats to Norbert on the win. I am happy and now we keep on fighting.“


1st Norbert Kiss | Révész Truck Racing

“What a day! These were great races and a great qualifying today. I asked the team how aggressive I should go in the second race and they told me to go full attack. I was also very lucky because at every overtake I tried, it didn’t end up in a crash. My competitors saw me and gave me the space. I am very thankful to everyone out there. A double victory on Sunday at my home race is really nice. I am very happy about it. Thank you to everyone!“

2nd Jochen Hahn | Hahn Racing

“I am very happy about P2. It could have been a bit better, but we have to be satisfied with today’s results. We will build on this success for the final round in Misano.“

3rd Anthony Janiec | Lion Truck Racing

“I overtook Téo in the first corner and was leading the race for five laps. Norbi is very fast and it was difficult to stop him at his home race. I didn’t fight too much with him. Third place is a great result for me and the team.“