17 October 2020

Check out what the drivers said after all the action at the Hungaroring on Saturday ...


1st Adam Lacko | BUGGYRA Zero Mileage Racing

"It is fantastic! I controlled the race and didn’t make any mistakes. I enjoyed racing on the wet track at the Hungaroring. If it rains again in the second race, I will try to climb up to the first position again. But it will be difficult from the reversed grid when I will start from P8."

2nd Norbert Kiss | Révész Truck Racing

"It was a very difficult race in very difficult conditions. The Hungaroring is even more difficult to drive in the rain with so many turns and so many hairpins. It was really hard but I tried to push but I didn’t want to cause any trouble and push anybody out. Because if I get a penalty, this would be the biggest problem we can have.

I was waiting for an opportunity but it wasn’t really coming. In the last four laps I had to take more risk. I am happy about the second place. Qualifying was a disaster and I was able to qualify further up. But the handling was all over the place and I had so much oversteer and traction problems. So we made some changes for the race which worked and made it possible for us to improve."

3rd Jochen Hahn | Hahn Racing

"I am very happy about third position. It’s a bit of a shame because I was fighting for P2 with Anthony, it was a good fight. In the end, it turned out all right for me. Norbi was a little bit quicker. I am very satisfied and we can build upon this result."



1st Norbert Kiss | Révész Truck Racing

It’s a nice feeling to win on home soil. With P2 and P1 in the races today, we made the best out of it after a bad qualifying. It’s great! But Adam scored more points than us, that’s not ideal for the championship for me. But I am still happy because the conditions today were really difficult. Tomorrow I hope for dry conditions which I think will suit us better."

2nd Adam Lacko | BUGGYRA Zero Mileage Racing

P1 and P2 today is a great start to the weekend. After the restart, it was quite interesting because we set up the truck for wet conditions and the track dried up. So it was challenge, but I’m happy about the result. Tomorrow will be a new day and we will fight again!"

3rd Teo Calvet | BUGGYRA Zero Mileage Racing

“I am very happy about third position today. At the end it was quite difficult for me because I had no water on the brakes. So the last two laps were really difficult. But I finished third, it’s my first podium in FIA ETRC. I am very happy about it."