14 October 2020

Ahead of his home race this weekend at the Hungaroring, we’ve caught up with local hero Norbert Kiss

A bit later than originally planned, we’re finally racing on your home circuit this weekend. 
“I am really looking forward to this weekend and can’t wait to be honest. The last time I won a race here was in 2017 so I definitely want to be back up there.”

You’ve had an impressive start to the season at Most. How nervous were you going into the season with a brand-new truck and team and not that much testing?
“The little testing we had already made me just a little bit more confident that we will be able to fight for top positions, so we were really looking forward to the start of the season. The performance in Most was really really great and better than expected! 

The new Révész Truck Racing Team is great, we’ve really put in the hard work at the beginning of the year for it to turn out well, so I am really thankful to the team and to our founder Mr. Bálint Révész for starting this team."

What does it mean for you as a Hungarian driver to be racing for a Hungarian team in your home race?
“It is really great! Within the team it makes things easier especially on the communication side and also the team can become closer because we meet and work together more often.
It also makes me very proud that we have people in Hungary, who are able to make it happen on a very high level and for us to put on a great performance in a European racing series. 

And I know that there is more to come!”

What have you been up to since the race in Most?
“We had some issues with the brakes in Most so we had some things to figure out. We worked a lot on it to try and find a solution for this problem and made some steps forward.

We also had a day where we tested brakes and performance and it's looking good. The truck was consistent and lap times were great. 

But a race truck is never finished so you always have some work to do. With our new Révész Truck Racing Team we try to improve our infrastructure and trailers as well, so that everything looks better and more comfortable at the weekend and in the workshop.”