30 August 2020

Read what the drivers said after a wet race in Most on Sunday...


1st Sascha Lenz | S.L. Trucksport

“I’m super happy with the win today. We’re leading the overall standings for the first time, but it’s early doors and you can’t really say that much yet. Norbi is definitely strong, he won both qualifyings and a race. It was a very emotional weekend for us and we’ve learnt a lot. The truck is just great to drive and I already look forward to the next race.”


2nd Adam Lacko | BUGGYRA Zero Mileage Racing

"“I’m glad that we were able to do at least one race today, because for a while, it looked like it’s going to be just like last year. At least we were able to give the fans something, after they spent the day in wet conditions. I’m really happy with the podium today. It’s a shame that it was a short race with only 9 laps after the restart because I caught up with Sascha by the end of the race, and if we had two more laps, maybe I would have got in front of him. But still, a great result.”


3rd Norbert Kiss | Révész Truck Racing

“The first start of the race was really tricky, I went off track once and Sascha spun next to us, I think the red flag was a good decision, it was very dangerous.
On the re-start it was much better, the circuit had improved and the rain stopped but it was still wet. I was doing okay until I started to hear noise from the breaks and I knew that we will soon run into trouble. It was only a question of time so I started to slow down a little bit and be more careful with the breaks in the last three or four laps but it didn’t hold. We broke the left front break disc that’s why I slowed down in the last two laps, it’s a miracle that we didn’t crash. It’s great that we managed to finish the race and get on the podium. Coming here as a new team, with a completely new truck and performing the way we did with being on pole twice and a race win, I’m super happy.”