29 August 2020

Check out what the drivers said after all the action in Most on Saturday...


1st Norbert Kiss | Révész Truck Racing

"I enjoyed the racing today and am just really happy to be here after such a hard winter. We have the new Révész Truck Racing team and we’re back and competitive with the first pole position and race win right away on a circuit that is not my favourite.

I got into the rhythm and tried to do my best not to make any mistakes, keeping the temperatures under control. Jochen and Sascha were fighting a little bit behind me which I think might have slowed them down which was helping me."

2nd Jochen Hahn | Hahn Racing

"I’m very happy with second place today. Within the first three laps I knew that Norbi was faster, we lacked some 0.6 seconds in pace. So my focus then was to hold the gap to Sascha and make no mistakes.

The first race of the season is the moment when you know where you stand and how fast and strong the other drivers are. We know we have some work to do and will certainly put in the effort to come back on the top step."

3rd Sascha Lenz | S.L. Trucksport

“It was a great race, I had a nice battle with Jochen. I could see how he drives in front of me and I could adapt and see where I can drive a little bit faster and change the line where I lost time. It wasn’t too easy as I also had Adam behind me who fast fast. Obviously we haven’t done much testing, but the truck is beautiful to drive and it’s great to be back on the track.”


1st Adam Lacko | BUGGYRA Zero Mileage Racing

“I’m very happy today, it’s the best thing to win on your home circuit in front of your home fans. It’s great for us to be here, after such a long preparation for the season. I certainly felt the pressure from Sascha and Norbi behind me, but you have to focus on your driving and make no mistakes and to see the checkered flag first was great.”

2nd Sascha Lenz | S.L. Trucksport

“I had a good start and gained one or two places at the chicane. Then René and Steffi made a mistake and I managed to overtake Aliyyah and was in second. I had a good and fair fight with Adam. I hope I can be on the top step tomorrow.”