14 August 2020

Norbert Kiss and the Révész Truck Racing Team have officially unveiled their brand-new MAN race truck for the 2020 season this week.

The Hungarian racer, who won both his ETRC titles in a MAN truck, is looking forward to taking his fiery red 1,200 hp racing truck to the track, when the season starts in Most in two weeks time. 

“First of all a big thank you to the Révész family for putting together the team. A lot of people have worked very hard to make this happen,” said Kiss at the launch of the new truck at the Hungaroring. 

“I have already tested the truck and the first impressions are very positive. I’ve driven several race trucks before, but this is the best one so far! The truck is very stable and easy to steer and it has a very powerful engine. The technical staff of the Révész Group have been great and we managed to find the ideal set up for the chassis. I feel like we have a team and a racing truck in place with which we can fight for the podium.”

The Hungarian Révész Group, which celebrates being in the business for 40 years this year, says that the company’s anniversary was the decisive factor for starting a team in the ETRC. 

"Our transport company was founded in 1980. I drove a truck myself for more than a decade, and I had a longing desire to start our own team in the European Truck Racing Championship,” said Bálint Révész, owner of the Révész Group. “We managed to reach an agreement with the best driver, and I hope that we’ll have a successful start to the season at the end of August.”