2 August 2020

With ten wins and 13 podiums, the Hungarian driver wrapped up the virtual championship with one race to go

Norbert Kiss confirmed his strong form in qualifying and claimed his sixth pole in the ETRC Digital Racing Challenge ahead of Sascha Lenz and Jonathan André on the virtual Bugatti Circuit at Le Mans

A new addition to the grid this weekend was Henry Tyhuis, who substituted for his brother Björn in the white Erwin Kleinnagelvoort Scania.

Race number one got off to a turbulent start when Aliyyah Koloc caused a collision, pushing Shane Brereton off the track and spinning Antonio Albacete and Teo Calvet.

Lacko and Tyhuis took advantage of the chaos in front of them and made up places to get up into fifth and sixth respectively. They both made contact but recovered and Lacko claimed fifth. Lacko’s efforts didn’t get rewarded though as he dropped out of the race later due to server issues.

Norbert Kiss controlled the field from the front, his lead was never challenged, and he drove home his 10th win of the virtual truck racing season. Sascha Lenz finished in second and Jonathan André completed the podium in third.


Henry Tyhuis, who started on pole for the second race with the reversed grid, was immediately attacked by Shane Brereton and Téo Calvet and both overtook him into the Dunlop chicane. The Dutch driver made a few mistakes which saw him drop back to finish ninth.

Sascha Lenz had a mixed race after he made contact with Norbert Kiss as they battled for fourth. Lenz went off track and dropped back to eighth. He made his way back up the grid and battled with Antonio Albacete for fourth position. The Spaniard managed to keep the upper hand, closed in on the leading group towards the end of the race and took the chequered flag in fourth.

Shane Brereton showed some great racing grit, taking the lead off Tyhuis right after the start. He made a few mistakes though and dropped back in the field to finish sixth.

Jonathan André started in sixth position and made short work of the competition ahead. The Frenchman benefitted from Kiss and Calvet battling ahead of him as he closed in on the leading pair. He put the pressure on Kiss but couldn’t get past the Hungarian driver and eventually finished third.

Kiss started from eight and worked his way up the field to catch up with Calvet, who was leading the race. The two drivers battled hard but Calvet kept a cool head and fended Kiss off to take the chequered flag.

The race commission investigated an incident between #20 Téo Calvet and #23 Jamie Anderson which happened in the early stages of Race 2 at the exit of turn 11. After careful consideration and looking at the video evidence, the race commission found the driver of truck #20 guilty of an unsafe rejoin, therefore imposing a 2-second time penalty which made Norbi Kiss the winner.

The revised results for race 2 are therefore as follows:

1. Norbert Kiss
2. Jonathan André
3. Antonio Albacete
4. Téo Calvet
5. Sascha Lenz
6. Jamie Anderson
7. Aliyyah Koloc
8. Henry Tyhuis
9. Adam Lacko
10. Shane Brereton


1. Norbert Kiss
2. Sascha Lenz
3. Jonathan André
4. Antonio Albacete
5. Jamie Anderson
6. Téo Calvet
7. Shane Brereton
8. Henry Tyhuis
9. Adam Lacko
10. Aliyyah Koloc