1 July 2020

Things have certainly been shaken up last week, when Teo Calvet conquered Norbert Kiss to take victory in the second race at the Nürburgring. Kiss has so far dominated the virtual season with seven out of eight wins and pole position in each qualifying. But it’s not only Calvet who’s closing in on Kiss. Sascha Lenz has scored podiums in seven out of eight races so far and shown that he’s determined to get on that top step.

Lion Truck Racing team manager Jonathan André, who substitutes for Anthony Janiec, has shown some great sim racing skills scoring three podiums in four races.

Antonio Albacete, who currently sits fourth in the standings, has had a bit of a mixed virtual season so far. The Spaniard said he’s invested quite some time in practising on the sim, however his hard work hasn’t been rewarded yet.

Portuguese racer José-Eduardo Rodrigues is overdue a top position, having shown some great racing grit, however his driving style needs some refinement having racked up quite a few penalties in the last few races.

Jamie Anderson has been in the front running group in much of the first few races, however also had a few set-backs from penalties which dropped him back in the ranks.

Adam Lacko has certainly gotten more confident on the sim but is yet to score a top result.

The youngest driver and only female in the digital racing series, Aliyyah Koloc started from pole twice in the first half of the virtual season with some good speed.

The unmissable purple racer of British driver Shane Brereton joined the digital racing challenge in Misano and has shown some encouraging performances so far, much like German racer Clemens Hecker. 

Björn Tyhuis, who is substituting for fellow Dutchman Erwin Kleinnagelvoort, has put in a solid performance so far on his digital SCANIA with good speed and some great battles. At the Nürburgring he started the second race on pole and didn’t give up his lead easily to Calvet who started from second on the grid. 

Lukas Hahn joined the grid last weekend and has certainly lived up to his well-known surname, getting straight into the mix with the front-runners. He took over the lead from Kiss in the first race and held the Hungarian behind him for a few laps. He finished third in race one and fifth in the second one and will be one to watch for the second half of the virtual season.