15 June 2020

After a year of preparation, the French truck racing driver can now officially drive a truck on the road after successfully passing his test last week

19-year-old Téo Calvet is surely one of the future stars of truck racing. The youngster, who keeps clocking up the miles in the French series, made his debut in the FIA ETRC at the Nürburgring in 2018 with Lion Truck Racing.

One appearance was enough for the young Frenchman to make history as he recorded a podium finish with third place in the GRAMMER TRUCK CUP making him the youngest driver ever to stand on an FIA ETRC podium.

Since last week, Calvet is now also able to drive a truck on the road after successfully passing his test. He prepared for his truck driving test for the last year and had to undergo special training in order to be able to drive before the age of 21. 

Téo received a helping hand from his dad, former racer and now well-known administrator, promoter and truck racing personality Fabien Calvet, who helped his son prepare for the exam, even though the young Frenchman admits the practical part wasn’t as difficult for him. “Driving was not a problem for me, since I drove a lot of trucks in the park with my dad. The hardest bit was the theoretical part. But I did well!”

With plenty of racing under his belt, Téo however thought that his experience on track didn’t necessarily help him pass the test. “Driving on the road is very different to the track. Racing is a lot more intense, it’s fast, there is contact and lots going on. On track you want to beat your competitors and race hard and fair. I think what definitely helped me though was the anticipation, because we also have that in the race.”

The Frenchman certainly kept a cool head and didn’t get stressed out before the test saying that he is more nervous on the starting grid than before he took his test. “The start is the best time of a race, because of all the adrenaline and anticipation. I love it!”

Téo will most likely have his first outing with a truck on the road when racing action resumes and he’s taking a truck to the races.

Bon voyage Téo!