Kiss takes a clean sweep winning both races in Misano

7 June 2020

Norbert Kiss put on another dominant display as he claimed pole and the win in both races in the second round of the ETRC Digital Racing Challenge in Misano.

Hungarian double ETRC Champion Norbert Kiss qualified on pole with Sascha Lenz lining up alongside him on the front row and French racer Téo Calvet in third for the first race at the virtual Misano track. 

Kiss stayed out of trouble at the start and opened up a gap to Calvet and Lenz behind him. His lead remained unchallenged for the whole race until he took the chequered flag.

Téo Calvet, who showed a strong performance in the opening round of the ETRC Digital Racing Challenge at the Hungaroring, got a great start, managed to get past Sascha Lenz and stayed on the back of Norbert Kiss. The French driver pulled away from Lenz, but the German managed to not let the gap get too big. Both drivers provided for some great racing as they battled over several laps for position until Lenz finally made his way past the Buggyra Racing driver.

Like at the Hungaroring, Lenz put in a strong performance, closing the gap to Kiss from 6 to under 3 seconds when he crossed the finish line in second place.

Portuguese driver José-Eduardo Rodrigues confirmed his strong form on the sim as he worked his way up the ranks from the back of the grid. He crossed the line in fourth however got relegated to the back of the standings due to penalties.

Lion Truck Racing driver Anthony Janiec worked his way up from the back of the grid with a great battle with Czech Buggyra Racing Team driver Adam Lacko. His hard work paid off as he finished fourth in the first race. 

For the second race the drivers lined up on the grid in reverse order, putting 16-year old racer Aliyyah Koloc on pole, like in the second race in Hungary two weeks ago, ahead of Antonio Albacete and team-mate Adam Lacko.

Server issues caused a chaotic start which saw Albacete in the pit wall with his truck unable to be moved until the field came round again and the race had to be red-flagged.

On the re-start British racer Jamie Anderson who started from fourth, got off the line well and cut the first corner to get past Koloc, Lacko and Albacete to take the race lead. 

Adam Lacko got caught up in the turmoil, dropped back in the field and eventually finished ninth.

Norbert Kiss had a busy second race, working his way up the standings with Sascha Lenz hot on his tail. He soon caught up to Téo Calvet and the two drivers battled for several laps, swapping positions back and forth until Kiss eventually got the upper hand and overtook Calvet.

Kiss was on a mission to catch up the leading duo of Anderson and Janiec and managed to get past the Frenchman in the penultimate lap. He eventually crossed the finish line in second behind Anderson, however as the Brit got a penalty for corner cutting and not giving back the advantage, the Hungarian took the victory in race 2.

Frenchman Anthony Janiec showed a strong performance again, staying on the back of Anderson for the duration of the race, however due to server issues he wasn’t able to finish the race.

Sascha Lenz once again worked his way up the field from eighth and crossed the line in third making it the fourth podium in four races for the German.

1. Norbert Kiss
2. Sascha Lenz
3. Téo Calvet
4. Anthony Janiec
5. Jamie Anderson
6. Adam Lacko 
7. Antonio Albacete
8. Aliyyah Koloc
9. José-Eduardo Rodrigues
10. Clemens Hecker
11. Shane Brereton

1. Norbert Kiss
2. Téo Calvet
3. Sascha Lenz
4. Antonio Albacete
5. Jamie Anderson
6. Aliyyah Koloc
7. Clemens Hecker
8. José-Eduardo Rodrigues
9. Adam Lacko
10. Shane Brereton
DNF Anthony Janiec