What the Drivers said at Jarama on Sunday

7 October 2019

What the Driver’s Said on Sunday at Jarama….

Race 3

1st Adam Lacko | Buggyra Racing

“The race is very nice because all the race behind me was Jochen, Jochen tried to press me but I think it’s really nice for me and maybe for spectators”

2nd Jochen Hahn | Hahn Racing

“Time practice I had problem with the speed limiter it did not calculate so today I am second, without the overspeed I was also second so from this side it’s OK, second position, second as well in the race, happy, very happy

3rd Antonio Albacete | Truck Sport Lutz Bernau

“Well I started in a difficult place because I did not do a good timed practice, I mean I did a good time practice but it was not enough.

“It was very close so three tenths behind Adam I was in fifth position so the start was not a very good place but it was lucky I passed Norbi because he had a small contact with Sascha Lenz.

“Then I see that Lenz was having some problems so I was much faster than him and he made a mistake braking in Bugatti Corner so I was able to pass him then I push to the maximum to catch Adam and Jochen.

“I saw that Jochen was blocking the front tires and I said well, let’s see if I am able to overtake him but it was really impossible so for us third place is very good, we keep the points for the championship so it’s all in the next race.”

Race 4

1st Norbert Kiss | Tankpool24 Racing

“It was a good race, the start was not the best but I could keep my position and overtake Fabio pretty quickly and then I got side by side with Steffi in turns 3, 4 and 5.

“She was very fair, we were side by side and was nice so I was quickly up to second position and Rene had the engine problem in front of me so he stopped and I found myself pretty quickly in the first position which was a little bit of a surprise,.

“The position in the championship is not good, it’s not what we want but very happy to end the season with a victory and I hope we can open a new chapter next season”

2nd Jochen Hahn | Hahn Racing

“I am very happy, two times on the podium on Sunday, European Champion, nearly all is fine not all but it’s OK. I am very happy and very proud for the team and for my daddy.”

3rd Steffi Halm – Team Schwabentruck

“I started from third place and finished third, it was a hard race in the beginning, Rene had problems with the engine I think and I was able to win one position but also lose one position and had a hard fight with Jochen.

“I was struggling with the front tyres so I was very slow in the corners but in the end finish third, perfect for the end of the season.”