New Champion Speaks! Hahn on His Title Joy

28 September 2019

What the Driver’s Said on Saturday at Le Mans Bugatti.....

Race 1

1st Jochen Hahn | Hahn Racing IVECO

“On the warm-up lap the water was coming and I say ‘ok be careful’ because you have to find the limit and know where to brake.

“Sascha [Lenz] was near and he had a good luck and said ‘hello Jochen’ a few times. After a few laps I was with a small margin. I will not say I controlled this but it was a nice race and the plan was done.”

2nd Sascha Lenz | SL Trucksport30 MAN

“I had a good start and at the chicane I was side-by-side with Jochen and I say ok you are just in front and you go but he made a slight mistake and we went side-by-side again.

“We gave respect and there was no contact and then he was in front and I could go with him on the same speed but I had a bit less grip at the back and Antonio was still there a little. But I am really happy with the pace today.”

Race 2


“This is why we do it, to win, and this year we have won a lot of races, so it feels very special  and I am very proud of the team, big thanks to them. This is very important because they are the best and we can be very, very happy for this victory again.

“To win six, this has never been done, so it is a great day for us, a great day.”

1st Andre Kursim | Don’t Touch Racing IVECO

“For me it was a really hard race and Steffi was on me for 11 laps and pushing all the time. But I knew that if I didn’t make a mistake I could win the race.

“This was my hardest win and this year generally all trucks are very close and you have to really be good to get a victory, but it was a nice win for the team and IVECO today.”

2nd Steffi Halm | Team Schwabentruck IVECO

“For sure I felt quicker [than Kursim]. I was actually hit at the chicane early on and I missed the right hander and went straight, so I slowed down and actually let Andre passed because I got an advantage.

“I stuck behind him but it was hard to make a clean move because Adam was right with me, so one mistake and he would be passed me.

“On the last lap we had some contact and I actually got a flat tyre, so I was lucky really to just get to the line because for sure I would have not made it I think.”