Saturday's quotes

1 September 2019

Here's what the top drivers from Saturday's races had to say...

Race 1

1. Jochen Hahn – Team Hahn Racing | IVECO

"It’s never easy. I was on the limit every lap. Three laps from the finish I made a mistake in the 80° corner. I though ‘come on, focus! Get back on the limit!’

“I’m very happy. I love to fight with Adam [Lacko] but this time it looked like fight till the first corner and then it was done.

“At the start, when you’re on pole, you can play a little bit. I had the feeling that Adam was not side by side but was a little bit in front. In this moment Steffi hit me form the back. She then went off the throttle and missed the starting point. It’s a game and you have to play with everything that you have but in a fair way.

“In Race 2 the plan is to watch. We have the very tight chicane so we will see.”

2. Adam Lacko – Buggyra Racing | Freightliner

“I tried my maximum till the last metres. Jochen was faster on the first couple of laps and after we had the same racing speed, just maybe towards the end I managed to get a little bit closer but it wasn’t enough to have a go at him.

“It was a nice race. Behind us, I think, there was a lot of action. It was a cool race.”

3. Steffi Halm – Team Schwabentruck | IVECO

“The start was difficult. I was a bit too high with the boost. The moment I reduced it was when it went green so I had completely no boost so that’s why I was so slow from the off. It was just a second too late. Then I was lucky at the first chicane. After I was able to close the gap to Sascha [Lenz] and I saw that he has a problem with a front tyre, he was slow with fast corners, and I tried to push. I tried to overtake him and it was the point when he destroyed his front right tyre – it worked.”

Race 2

1. René Reinert – Reinert Racing |MAN

“Start was the key to success – I was third, Terry [Gibbon] was very slow, he slowed the entire field down. It was a problem for Andre [Kursim]. He didn’t expect it. I had the feeling that it can be like that so I prepared myself for that and started in the right gear.

“I was hoping that Terry can keep the others behind but it didn’t last for long and Antonio was soon behind me. I tried to find my rhythm and avoid mistakes, not taking too much risk. From my side it was a very good race.”

2. Antonio Albacete – Truck Sport Lutz Bernau | MAN

“I had a good start and think [Andre] Kurism had a problem, so I was already third. [Terry] Gibbon was a little bit slow coming out of the last slow corner so I overtook him and then I was catching Rene, was behind him but he drove very well and didn’t make any mistakes. I was waiting for it but it never happened. Plus, I had to watch my back because Adam was there waiting for a gap to appear. It was a little bit difficult but it was good so I’m happy.”

3. Adam Lacko – Buggyra Racing | Freightliner

“It was a fun race. I enjoyed it a lot. I had a really good start and I gained a lot at the first chicane. I was then third and tried to stay in control by half point of the race Jochen [Hahn] was right behind me so I had to control him and try to catch Antonio at the same time.

“Both Rene and Antonio avoided mistakes and on the last lap I tried to pass him, we were side by side, but I decided that third is probably better than nothing. I finished third but I’m very happy.”