Voices of Nürburgring - Sunday

22 July 2019

Here's what the top drivers from Sunday's races had to say after the action at Nürburgring...

Race 3

1. Jochen Hahn – Team Hahn Racing | IVECO

“I’m very happy. When you are German and you win in Germany it’s like a dream. And this dream became reality. What else can I say?”

“I give my all here but Most is coming later – I know we’re fast there but then it’s Zolder and it can be Antonio or Adam there so I don’t think about the title quite yet.”

2. Antonio Albacete – Truck Sort Lutz Bernau | MAN

“I don’t know what happened at the start. Suddenly I heard the noise and heard several hits. I even touched Jochen because I was pushed from behind and then I nearly stopped in the first corner. After I had a battle with Steffi [Halm} but I was told that she was penalised so I thought: ‘OK, now I’m taking it easy.”

3. Adam Lacko – Buggyr Racing | Freightliner

“I had a nice battle with Sascha [Lenz]. I had big problems with understeer but we kept fighting all the time. He was better on the brakes and I was better at the corner exits. I think it was nice for both of us and also for the spectators. The damage to the rear of the truck comes from the opening lap – somebody pushed me at the start, but I don’t know who it was. People were pushing one another.”

Race 4

1. Norbi Kiss – Team Tankpool24 Raicng | Mercedes-Benz

“Good race. I survived the start, which was important, because I was not so lucky in the first race because of Sascha [Lenz]. I came out second, even though I had some pushes from the back. Then I could feel that I was faster than Andre and I could attack him here and there, I could force him to go defensive. He then made a mistake, went in too deep going into the chicane, so his exit was compromised. I saw it coming, so I concentrated on having a good exit. I overtook him, I left the rest a little bit behind, so yeah, I’m happy.”

2. Andre Kursim – Don’t Touch Racing | IVECO

“We’re very happy with second place. Norbi was very fast and he was pushing hard, and so did Antonio [Albacete]. I made a little mistake, he used that – he’s first, we’re second and everything is OK and we are very happy. [Norbi’s attacks] were on the limit but it was OK.”

“Antonio is a fair racer, he doesn’t do any stupid things, so I could manage the race but it was very hard for me – he was pushing all the time.”

3. Antonio Albacete – Truck Sort Lutz Bernau | MAN

“I was trying to see if he [Andre Kursim] makes any mistake. He made a small mistake but it was not enough to pass him, and at the same time, I didn’t want to end up crashing. He had the inside and it was a bad position for me, so my preference was to finish the race and o take the points instead of doing something silly. I know he was racing on his home circuit and he was really fighting hard for the second place.”

“For us, it was quite good and I’m really happy with the results of the weekend. [The target is] to keep the second place [in the championship], because first is going to be very difficult.”