What the Drivers said on Sunday at Slovakiaring

8 July 2019

Here's what the top drivers from Sunday's races had to say at the Slovakiaring...

Race 3

1. Jochen Hahn – Team Hahn Racing | IVECO

“It only looks from the outside that it is easy but really I am on the limit and feeling the conditions. Sometimes the tyres are going away a little and it is easy to make a mistake so you have to concentrate.

“It is the sixth win so very I'm happy with the performance and big thanks to the Hahn Racing team and IVECO.”

2. Rene Reinert – Reinert Racing | IVECO

“The start was very good and I was close to Jochen but we didn’t touch each other. Adam [Lacko] and I were side-by-side but I stayed focused on my race and then Jochen pulled a gap but my pace was good.

“Probably the best race of my year and I am really pleased with the performance and it is a nice reward for the team who all work really hard.”

3. Steffi Halm – Team Schwabentruck | IVECO

“I always seem to have podiums at Slovakiaring as I won here too a few years ago so I like it here.

“Three races and three podiums so I am really satisfied. I felt fast through the race but Adam was giving me big pressure so I had to really keep focused and it worked out for us again so I am happy.”

Race 4

1. Antonio Albacete – Truck Sport Lutz Bernau | MAN

“The start was good but the first two corners were a little bit difficult because I was on the outside, but we [Sascha Lenz and myself] gave each other space and then I was that little bit faster in the second corner. When I had the lead I just tried to open up a gap over Sascha. He was driving quite well too keeping Norbert [Kiss] behind. It’s a good end to a difficult weekend.”

2. Sascha Lenz – SL Truckport 30 | MAN

“I had a good start but Antonio had an even better one so I decided that we’re going to drive for the points in the Team Championship. However, towards the end the tyres on the front axle were gone and I had no chance to hold on to P2. P3 is perfect for me and for my guys, it’s the most we could do and I’m really happy.”

3. Norbert Kiss – Team Tankpool24 Racing | Mercedes-Benz

“The start was not so bad. I could keep fourth position. I’m very happy with my overtaking manoeuvre on Andre [Kurism] in the long right-hander that was pretty nice to overtake there on the outside.

"I think it’s pretty difficult. I then started to chase Sascha and I could see that he’s struggling with his front tyres, dealing with understeer. In the corners I was much quicker and I saw my chance in the middle sector. I tried there, I saw that he had a hard time braking and I decided that this will be the place. I went for it, we touched by I think, I gave him enough space. I'm really happy.”