What the drivers said on Saturday at Misano

26 May 2019

Here's what the top three drivers of both of today's races had to say on Saturday....

Race 1

1st Jochen Hahn – Team Hahn Racing | IVECO

"It is a good start for sure because for the first race you want to be positive and get the best points and we did that today.

"It is never easy even if there is a gap and I was pushing, especially in the early laps. With the quick drivers like Adam [Lacko] and Antonio [Albacete] behind then, you never 'sleep', you always have to push hard.”

2nd Adam Lacko – Buggyra Racing | Freightliner

"We did the maximum and it was a clean race. I had to look in the mirrors and take care of Antonio but there was no chance to get closer to Jochen in front.

"Maybe we have some rain this weekend and of course I always like to race in the wet and have a good record in those conditions so let us see where we are in the next races here in Misano."

3rd Antonio Albacete – Truck Sport Lutz Bernau | MAN

"We have a nice start with the championship again and useful points after a clean race.

"Well done to Jochen today, he was fast. We will discover some more pace I am sure but at the moment. I was hoping Adam would make a mistake and I pushed him and was quite close but overall I am happy and it is a very long season ahead and I think we can take a lot of points in 2019."

Race 2

1st René Reinert – Reinert Racing | IVECO

"I had a little bit of a gap to Steffi, but towards the end of the race I locked up front tyres and then she came closer again. Then Antonio overtook Steffi and and he was closing on me. I saw his red truck closing on, getting bigger and bigger."

"I actually had an issue with my leg in a few laps with a cramp and I had to stretch it out on the straights which was not big fun. But today it was a good race and  we were able to get the fist win for IVECO here in Italy which feels super nice."

2nd Antonio Albacete – Truck Sport Lutz Bernau | MAN

"The first laps were difficult. There was a bit of a train and I was at the back of that train and I had to fight with Adam, who was close behind and was trying to pass me. At the same time, I was trying to pass Norbi [Kiss] and there was a lot of battles going on between Sascha [Lenz], Norbi and myself. I was a little bit afraid that something can happen.

"On the last lap I was running behind Steffi, she made a mistake under braking and I was able to pass on the last corner. Great result and a very good day for us. If we keep going like that, we can challenge for the championship."

3rd Steffi Halm  Team Schwabentruck | IVECO

"At the beginning, I thought that I'm a little bit faster than Rene, but I saw he pushed, so Luis [Recuenco] was at the back and I thought 'OK, we're going to get some space'. Later I was just waiting for him to make a mistake and he made a few mistakes but it was never the right mistake for me to overtake. When I was able to go a little bit beside me, it was the outside line and for the next corner, he was on the inside.

"Then I saw Antonio coming so I tried to leave a bit of space to Rene, show him that I don't want to attack him, but in the end, it didn't work. It would have worked for me but I made a mistake, I was unable to keep the line and Antonio went inside."