29 December 2018

Best Photos of 2018 - Part Two

Best Photos of 2018 - Part Two
In a celebration to a great season of racing in 2018 we look at some great momories from the lens of Richard Kienberger...

First up (above)......Jochen Hahn hugs his father Konrad after winning the title in race in Le Mans.

Below we see a champagne filled shot a few moments later on the podium. 

"Some people may see three Germans on the podium on this shot," sayd Kienberger, "I don’t care much about nationalities. I see pure joy and two competitors soaking the new champion."

"Gravel splashing is always a nice moment – as long as you are away far enough not to get peppered! Here Luis Recuenco probably was a bit overambitious “at home” in Jarama.

"Well, I keep the eyes not only on the track!" sayd Kienberger. "This is what the marshals in Most prepared for their Sunday lunch. Wish they would have invited me."


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