What the Drivers Said on Sunday at Zolder

17 September 2018

See what the drivers said after two enthralling races at Circuit Zolder yesterday....

Race 3

1st Jochen Hahn – Team Hahn Racing | IVECO

"I made an ok start and behind could see that Antonio and Sascha were fighting. This gave me a bit of a break so I was a little lucky.

“After that I was able to get away and control a gap. My IVECO felt strong and this is another nice victory to get today.”

2nd Antonio Albacete – Trucksport Lutz Bernau | MAN

"At the start I was slowed a little by Jochen and was right behind him and Sascha was on the outside and it was a difficult one as I didn’t want to touch him and it was a very fast corner so he get in front of me.

“I saw he looked like he had not much grip  pushed him hard to see if he would make a mistake. I then passed him on the chicane and it was a clean move so it was good. I tried to catch Jochen but I destroyed the tyres and they overheated.”

3rd Adam Lacko – Buggyra International Racing System | Freightliner

"I was able to put pressure on Sascha (Lenz) after a few laps once Antonio got back through. After that I saw he made a mistake at the chicane and I got through which was nice.

“There was nothing I could do with chasing Antonio though and it was too late to even really get anywhere close to him after I got by Sascha.”

Race 4 

1st Jose Rodrigues – Reboconort | MAN

"The start was important and I did a good one. Big pressure from Rene and then Steffi but I think I drove a nice race and it feels great to win again.

“I am super happy for the team. They deserve this and we should celebrate because it means a lot when you win against such a good and strong field.”

2nd Steffi Halm– Team Schwabentruck | IVECO

"I got close to Jose but I could see he was desperate to win so it made no sense to take a big crazy risk for one point.

“I tried it once but I braked because he closed the door quickly so I said ‘ok well I will stay calm and try to make more and more pressure for a mistake. But he didn’t make one so that is why I will not risk it too much. Second is pretty good though after the win yesterday so some good points this weekend for sure.”

3rd Jochen Hahn – Team Hahn Racing | IVECO

“I’m happy. Four podiums and big points so it is nice for me and the team.

“Again I made the best of others mistakes and came through.  The second corner is where some mistakes happen so I said ‘thanks I’ll come through.

“Something broke on Rene’s truck and then I was with Steffi.

“For the championship it good. I feel more relaxed than before the weekend now. We must concentrate on Le Mans. It is a track I love so all should be good.”