16 July 2018

What the drivers said on Sunday at Slovakia Ring

What the drivers said on Sunday at Slovakia Ring

Race 3

Jochen Hahn – Team Hahn Racing | IVECO

“I was aware that Adam [Lacko] is going to struggle on the first two laps and that was my only chance to overtake him. He went a little bit wide into the last corner on the first lap and I dived in. It was an absolutely clear move, without any contact and with mutual respect. After that I was pushing and I had to manage the gap, because Adam was in my mirrors. On the last lap he was all over the back of my truck. There was no room for error from my side.”

Adam Lacko – Buggyra International Racing System | Freightliner

“I won the start and I was first but normally Jochen is stronger than me in the opening stages of the race. I was stronger later in the race, but that wasn’t enough to re-pass him. I was waiting for his mistake but that mistake never happened. I think it was a nice race but that mistake never came – Jochen is an excellent driver and his truck is working perfectly.

Steffi Halm – Team Schwabentruck | IVECO

“The race was really difficult for me. The start was OK, I was third going through Turn 1 but Norbi [Kiss] was behind me and at some parts of the track he was faster, so I always had my eyes in the mirrors. When I was on the last lap I got the information that he had received a 10s penalty and that Antonio [Albacete] had be excluded but I wanted to finish third on the road.”

Race 4

Norbert Kiss – Team Tankpool24 Racing | Mercedes-Benz

"The weekend was not so nice. I had a penalty today [in Race 3], which actually brought me further up the grid for Race 4, so I started third and I tried to make the most of it. My team-mate Steffen Faas helped me a little bit because he let me go quite easy, so thank you, Steffen. Then I started to chase René [Reinert] which was a hard thing to do but eventually, he made a mistake and I saw the opportunity to go in and overtake him. The team deserved this win because they worked very hard. It's important to go into the summer break with a win to our name." 

Sascha Lenz – SL Trucksport | MAN

"I had a very good race, a good start and a little bit of a fight with Steffen early in the race. At one point my back-end stepped out a little bit and I pushed Steffen out wide a little, so I'm sorry about this. At the same time, I'm very happy for the entire team, sponsors and everybody. We worked very hard on the setup and on correct lines here and I think it was a very good weekend for us."

André Kursim - Don't Touch Racing | IVECO

"Yesterday wasn't good for us and this race was very hard. I think, there were five or six trucks running with practically no gaps between them, so If you do the tiniest of mistakes, you'll lose several places. I was aware that René, in front, has a penalty for overspeeding so I knew we're going to finish third. Very good! "


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