13 June 2018

Kiss' Home Favourite

Kiss' Home Favourite

There are few people in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship paddock who know the Hungaroring as well as local ace Norbert Kiss. Here the two time title-winner talks about his favourite section of the track.

“Turn 4, we call it the Mansell corner,” says Kiss without hesitation when asked about the part of the circuit he enjoys most, pointing at the part of the circuit where Nigel Mansell famously retired from the 1987 Hungarian Grand Prix with six laps remaining, handing the victory to his Williams team-mate Nelson Piquet.

“He lost a wheel nut there,” recalls Kiss. “That’s probably the most fun corner at the Hungaroring. It’s uphill at the beginning and then it’s flat out. It’s blind, you can’t really see and you have to know the line exactly.

“It’s one of the fastest ones, probably the fastest one at the circuit,” explains the Hungarian.

Kiss has been driving around the Hungaroring for years, but he’s quick to point out that in truck racing Turn 4 is a different ball game and experienced gained in other categories doesn’t translate to truck racing here.

“In touring cars you don’t have penalty markers so you usually take a lot more kerb.

“But with trucks you have penalty markers and this is something you need to get used to. It’s easy to go wide there and that happens a lot,” he says.

Despite knowing the circuit located north-east off Budapest (that first joined the FIA ETRC calendar back in 2015)intimately, Kiss believes that he doesn’t have an advantage over other drivers at his home venue.

“Maybe in the first year, but probably it’s not the case anymore as we’re going back to the Hungaroring for the fourth time now,” he assures.

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