20 April 2018

FIA ETRC and Arconic Announce New Partnership for 2018 Season

FIA ETRC and Arconic Announce New Partnership for 2018 Season

The FIA European Truck Racing Championship has expanded its official partners this week announcing global technology, engineering and advanced manufacturing leader Arconic - the manufacturer of Alcoa® Wheels - has joined its roster of partners.

Alcoa Wheels, a product brand of Arconic, are made from one piece of fully forged aluminium, making them 47% lighter and five times stronger than steel wheels of the same size, increasing payload and fuel efficiency.

By converting from steel to Alcoa Wheels, a regular truck and trailer combination can shed up to 250 kilograms and cut 13.3 metric tons of CO2 emissions over the life of the wheels.

For city buses, weight savings delivered by Arconic’s wheel solutions improve fuel efficiency, and help extend the driving range of electric buses. The wheels are available in a variety of surface options, including the easy-care, corrosion-resistant Dura-Bright® EVO.

ETRA, the organisers and promoters of the FIA ETRC have built up a portfolio of leading businesses to partner with in recent seasons and continues to strengthen relationships throughout a number of key and relevant industries to the trucking and haulage scene.

“We warmly welcome Arconic and the Alcoa Wheels brand to the FIA ETRC this season for an exciting partnership,” said ETRA Director Georg Fuchs.

“It is a pleasing announcement to make because Arconic, especially through their Alcoa Wheels brand shares many of the same core business and brand values as the FIA ETRC does.

“Establishing new relationships is very important for everyone in the FIA ETRC because it shows that new industry partners appreciate the work, efforts and of course the results of our work and the positive development of the championship since we have taken over the promotership.

“All in all, it generates a quality business-to-business environment and contributes so much to the health and future prosperity of the championship as a whole,” stated Fuchs.

Speaking about Arconic’s venture in to the FIA ETRC, the Vice President and General Manager of Arconic Wheel Products Europe, István Katus said: “Alcoa® Wheels is an established and respected brand across Europe and we are looking forward to take part at the FIA European Truck Racing Championship.

“Working in close partnership with our customers is part of our mission as together we solve complex engineering challenges to transform the way we drive. Teaming up is just the right thing to do,” explained Katus.

About Arconic:

Arconic Wheel and Transportation Products serves the commercial transportation and city bus market with a range of available products, including forged aluminum Alcoa® Wheels such as Ultra ONE® with MagnaForce® alloy, Dura-Bright®, Dura-Flange®, LvL ONE® and M-Series® medium duty truck wheels.  Arconic Wheel and Transportation Products is part of the Arconic Transportation and Construction Solutions business segment. The “Alcoa” trademark is owned by Alcoa USA Corp. and used by Arconic Inc. under license from Alcoa USA Corp. For more information, visit www.alcoawheels.com, @AlcoaWheels on Twitter or AlcoaWheels on Facebook.



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