Truck Sport Book 2017 is Here!

15 February 2018

Check out this great review of the 2017 FIA ETRC season available for purchase...

A real treat for every true trucking fan!

The new Truck Sport Book 2017 is available featuring the FIA European Truck Racing Championship, truck trial and rallye raids reviews.

There are over 500 brilliant photos that immerse you in the world of truck racing and trucking culture.

The book includes all race results, gives a deep dive into the background of truck racing, the trucks, the teams and drivers.

Expertly put together by ETM Verlag and their team of Paul Gottl, Bettina Pfeffer, Markus Bauer, Stephanie Tarateta and Marcus Zimmer, the annual gives excellent insight in to a thrilling year of action.

FIA ETRC’s own Richard Kienberger also contributes words and photos in this highly enjoyable publication which is a real bargain at just €15 a copy.

Place your order here:

English language version

German language