2 September 2017

What the drivers said on Saturday at Autodrom Most

What the drivers said on Saturday at Autodrom Most

Race 1

1. Jochen Hahn – Team Hahn Racing | Iveco

"It looked that I played a little bit, but up until three or four laps from the finish I was on the limit. At the beginning I was lucky, being able to capitalise, on the fight behind me between Adam and Norbi. They had a fight and I was able to open up a gap and lead the race. I’m very happy, we have been working to go forward and we’re clearly going forward."

2. Adam Lacko – Buggyra International Racing System | Freightliner

"It was not so easy because initially we had a problem with the engine. My engine actually stopped for a moment into the first corner but I restarted the engine and pushed Jochen a little bit. After, with Norbi, we went two corners side by side but he won this fight. After, I kept looking, trying to figure out where he’s slow and where he leaves a gap. I then found it going into the Matador corner. I passed him and then tried to go after Jochen, but it was not possible."

3. Norbert Kiss – Team Tankpool24 Racing | Mercedes-Benz

"The start was OK, we made it through the first chicane, something that’s always difficult here. There’s not a lot of space here but I could come out in second. Then I saw that Adam is very quick and very determined to pass, so after a while I gave up on defending and focused on securing a podium finish. Then, in front of Steffi [Halm] it was OK. I didn’t have to do any defending. Third place was our place today."

Race 2

1. Ryan Smith – Team OXXO Energy Racing | Iveco

"We had a good start and then I had seen Sascha [Lenz] gone through and then Steffi [Halm] got by Sascha and then Steffi closed gap really quick and I thought 'Oh dear, this is going to be a whole race of defending'. I didn’t make a mistake and I kept the gap pretty consistent all the time. I knew from the lap times that if I didn’t make a mistake, I’ll make it very difficult for Steffi to get by.

It was one of the hardest races ever. Every time I looked in the camera, I’ve seen Steffi and I thought 'Just keep composed'. To be on the podium with Steffi, she’s a fantastic racer, she fight hard for championship positions and I’m absolutely delighted to be here one the podium with Sascha: he’s a great guy on and off the circuit. I’m really happy."

2. Steffi Halm – Reinert Racing | MAN

"I’m really happy to finish second after starting from fifth position. Directly after the first chicane I was third. From then on I kept going and was able to overtake Sascha and then close the gap to Ryan. He was really constant and, as he said, he didn’t make a mistake. I didn’t want to push too hard, I really need points constantly so I’m really happy with second place."

3. Sascha Lenz – SL Trucksport | MAN

"I’m really happy for the team. Initially, we had a little bit of problems with the truck in the previous race, but we managed to tweak the set up. Ryan in P1 was beyond reach and when I saw Steffi coming, I thought ‘OK, it’s my team’ and I didn’t want to make it difficult for her. P3 is very good for me and I’m really happy."


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