27 August 2017

What the drivers said on Sunday at Hungaroring

What the drivers said on Sunday at Hungaroring

Race 1

1st Adam Lacko – Buggyra International Racing System | Freightliner

“I’m very happy with this first place because I didn’t think it was possible. ‘Norbi’ [Kiss] was all the behind me so I switched of my monitor [for the rear facing camera] and I didn’t look back, because had I looked back, I would have made some mistakes. I focused on what’s in front of me and only sometimes I looked in the mirrors and ‘Norbi’ was still right behind me, almost as if he had a rope and was on a tow. Here was always have problems with the set up and today we did something, we don’t know exactly what but it worked out well.

2nd Norbert Kiss – Team Tankpool24 Racing | Mercedes-Benz

“I couldn’t make a perfect start and Adam [Lacko] did just that. He was on the outside heading into the first corner but then was able to do a switchback and emerge as a leader. Throughout the whole race he knew that he has the edge and stayed in control of the situation but he was rather slow in the last sector. Having said that, I couldn’t have passed him without taking great risk and I decided that that troubles from yesterday’s race two were enough and I decided not to take further risk.”

3rd Steffi Halm – Reinert Racing | MAN

“I’m really happy to finish third because the start is always a little bit difficult and I was really happy that I was able to make through the first corner in third. I was unable to follow the leaders but I was able to maintain a constant gap to Antonio [Albacete] and Jochen [Hahn], this was more important and for me it’s a perfect result.”

Race 2

1st Adam Lacko – Buggyra International Racing System | Freightliner

“I had a really good start [from eight] after two or three corners I found myself second behind Gerd [Korber], the we went through two corners side by side and I manged to pass him. From then on it was the same story – it looked easy but I had to control all the temperatures and you’re hoping that there’s not going to be any problem but on the last lap a problem with a throttle occurred.

“It’s incredible because we came here to maintain out points advantage or loose as little of it as possible because our truck was never great here. On Friday we made some changes and since then our truck worked really nicely here.”

2nd Steffi Halm – Reinert Racing | MAN
I was on the inside when the collision in turn two happened. I wasn’t lucky in the first corner but I was lucky going into the second corner and that’s why I was able to pass them without being involved. For me the weekend was perfect. I knew that I was not as quick as for example ‘Norbi’ but I knew I was able to find for second in the qualifying but that was later compensated by good positions in the races.”

3rd David Vršecký – Buggyra International Racing System | Freightliner               

“In the beginning it was easy but the last two laps were a bit more difficult. Jochen would try every chance to overtake but I held on. I feel very old, it feels hard to climb up to the podium. Adam is having a great season and I’m here to support him and help with things like telemetry so that we can find more pace in our trucks.”


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