17 July 2017

What the drivers said on Sunday at Slovakia Ring

What the drivers said on Sunday at Slovakia Ring

Race 3

Norbert Kiss – Tankpool24 Racing | Mercedes-Benz

”I’m very happy. In total an excellent weekend for me with a huge amount of points, two victories and a very good overtaking manoeuvre in race three. We are quick here and the circuit really suits me.”

Antonio Albacete - Truck Sport Lutz Bernau | MAN

”I’ve had a really good start but had to take a bit of a longer way in the first corner and so lost the contact a bit. In the following one it was really hard to follow a super strong driving Norbi (Norbert Kiss). After a not so good start in the season with some problems and bad luck I’m very happy to be back on track now and I hope it will continue like this for us. The team works very well and I think we’ve found a good setup.”

Jochen Hahn – Team Hahn Racing | Iveco

”After the pole is was really confident but had a problem right at the start then, so Antonio Albacete and Norbert Kiss passed me straight after the start. I wasn’t sure to make it back on position one, but I was pretty sure to come back on two. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to! So I’m a bit disappointed about the situation after the start, but the rest of the race was ok and I’m slowly getting used to the track.

At the moment we’re not able to win on our own power and we have to work really hard on that. It’s a combination of driver and set-up that is not running on 100% yet. We have to optimise and analyse now to come back stronger after the summer break.“

Race 4

Steffi Halm – Reinert Racing | MAN

”A perfect end of the weekend for me! After a solid day yesterday we’ve had some big goals for today. So for race four we’ve changed the set-up a little bit, which surprisingly worked out very well even though we’ve had to deal with the ‘old’ tires. The start was absolutely perfect and I could right away open a gap over Jochen Hahn and I needed to bring it home. From the races before I knew in which parts of the track Jochen is strong and in which weak.

Being in the lead alone is good on the one hand because I like to be out of troubles, but on the other hand you have to keep pushing hard and remain offensive. The championship is still very open and everything is possible for me. I’m going into the summer break with a good feeling now and hope to continue like that at the Hungaroring!”

Norbert Kiss – Tankpool24 Racing | Mercedes-Benz

”Race four was very good for me, a very clean and fair race and I was able to go fast again. Maybe even faster than in the other races, but coming from position eight, it’s very hard to aim for the win.”

Jochen Hahn – Team Hahn Racing | Iveco

”I’m satisfied with this day, we’ve had the pole, did some fast laps but we’re still having a few problems at the start, which we have to start working on now. We have to analyse now and then use the summer break for some serious work to come back stronger end of August in Hungary then.

The first part of the season was solid but not perfect. We’ve learned that we’re strong when it’s dry but have to keep improving in wet conditions. In general, I think we’re doing a good job as a team, are able to fight for the championship and built up a strong partnership with Iveco. The season is over in Jarama and then we’ll see – still, a long way to go and everything is possible!”

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