15 July 2017

What the drivers said on Saturday at Slovakia Ring

What the drivers said on Saturday at Slovakia Ring

Race 1

Norbert Kiss – Tankpool24 Racing | Mercedes-Benz

“The second sector of the course is really long, with long turns and really complicated. I know the circuit from testing and training with touring cars but it’s the first time in a truck, which is very interesting. I think we’ve found a good setup here.”

Adam Lacko – Buggyra International Racing System | Freightliner

“I think it was a good first race for me, but it was a very tough race with a super fast start. The track is very wide and so many trucks have a place in one line and so it’s still not quiet after the first corner. I was waiting for Jochen to make a mistake and could finally overtake in the inside on a corner. I know the circuit from the GT Cars but it is very hard for the truck, especially with the long turns with our tires. When is see the tire after the race, I feel we have to work on the setup a bit now. “

Jochen Hahn – Team Hahn Racing | Iveco

“We’re taking everything step by step and now we know more than before the timed practice. Looking from this side, we’re very optimistic for tomorrow. The track is extremely difficult on the tyres, we literally eat the tyres here. I enjoyed the track, but it’s always the case when you finish on the podium. We actually haven’t seen much of Slovakia, just the circuit, but it’s interesting to be here.”

Race 2

Antonio Albacete - Truck Sport Lutz Bernau | MAN

“A very good start for me finally finished up with a victory. I’ve had a good timed practice before race one but in the race I’ve had a bit of bad luck with contact to other trucks. In the last races there was always someone to hit me and push me out. But now I have a race where everything went super well and I hope that there are a couple more of those in the future. It’s my very first time on this track and I really like it a lot. It’s maybe a bit too long for truck racing but very nice though. With the truck and these tires it’s a bit slippy sometimes but I think it suits me.”

Steffi Halm – Reinert Racing | MAN

“I’m really happy to be back on the podium now. This day in general did not 100% go as I was hoping: Couldn’t find the perfect line in the qualifying and lost some important time there. Position two to five was super tight together but I was unfortunately in 5th position then. In race one it could have been way better: Right after the start I made it to position two but was just a little bit unwary in the moment and immediately Jochen Hahn and Adam Lacko passed me, so I’m happy it worked out in race two for me today. That was really important for me! The start was very good again even though it was a bit tighter in race two but I’ve found my way through and in the leading group we could open up a gap to the rest of the bunch and so also find a good rhythm without having to fight for positions in the big group behind. I’m slowly getting used to the difficult track here, but I’m still searching for the perfect lines and also truck and tires are changing during the race, so you always have to find a way to deal with it.”

Adam Lacko – Buggyra International Racing System | Freightliner

“I think my second race today was not bad. I started from position seven, which was a bit tough because the first half of the lap is very slippery and tricky but I made it to go in first position after lap one. In the following I pushed a little bit too hard and damaged my front tire. I was trying hard to get closer to Steffi (Halm) and Antonio (Albacete) for two laps but with the damaged tire it simply wasn’t possible and so I concentrated on bringing home the third position. As we’re in Slovakia, for me as a Czech it is a “half home race” and it’s really nice to see so many friends and fans from Slovakia and Czech. I hope it will stay sunny and dry tomorrow because I was testing on this track in the rain and I think it would become an extremely difficult race then.”


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