Frankly Speaking: Vojtisek looks ahead to 2016

14 March 2016

Frankie Vojtisek is one of the elder statesman of the FIA ETRC but the experienced Czech still has a burning passion for FIA ETRC racing

Frankie Vojtisek has been regular participant in the European Truck Racing Championship events since 1987.

From his debut in ’87 right through to 1999 he was racing LIAZ or SKODA LIAZ trucks.

Between 2000 and 2009 Frankie was sponsored by Renault Trucks and was seen in cockpits of Renault Premium specials, but from 2012 he started racing MAN race truck.

Frankie Vojtisek took his first racing steps, after completing his apprenticeship at LIAZ, in an autocross buggy. In 1986, he fell in love with race trucks and so started a long career.

Vojtisek also managed to gain experience in one of the most demanding motorsport events in the world, the Paris-Dakar Rally, participating in 1986 and 1988, when he finished second with a LIAZ truck. In 1987 he competed the first time in the European Truck Racing Championship at the Hungaroring.

Vojtisek finished the 2015 season in 12th position with a best result of 5th in the first race at Hungaroring.

We spoke to the Czech native as he prepared for the 2016 FIA ETRC season.

Frankie, in your long career what is your most treasured memory racing in the FIA ETRC?      

“There have been so many memories since 1987. Of course I cannot forget my success as the international vice champion in Great Britain two times, and races held in England have always been one of the greatest memories. A wonderful time was when Denny Hulme, who was F1 champion in 1967, raced with us at Nürburgring.

“I can´t even imagine how many pages of my memories could be written. Especially the beginnings, which were really awesome. I truly hope that the new promoter will do everything possible to make truck racing a top sport in racing again. And I also believe that we all will help the promoter with this job.”

What makes truck racing so special, how is it so popular with fans?

“Truck races are interesting mainly by their system of racing. If a fan comes to races, he will perfectly recognise who the leading driver is and it is very clearly thanks to the racing on the circuit.

“Another favorite thing connected to truck racing is the possibility to visit a paddock where our fans can see everything with their own eyes, take photos and sometimes even sit in the truck. They are integral to truck racing, so this is why it is so special.”

What is your favourite memory from racing at your home track at Autodrom Most?

“Certainly the triumphs and victory that cannot be forgotten. But one of the best memories is the first race. It was something big and incredible that happened at Autodrom Most when also international drivers came to race in the Czech Republic in the early days.”

What are you aims for the 2016 season?

“We race to win. But if we don´t or if the winner is someone else it is just normal. We would like to be in top ten this racing season and if we are in top five it will be great.”

If you could change one thing in the sporting regulations what would it be?

“The point system of the second race has been already changed and that is great. And I think that it would be fair if we all had the same fuel as it is in other motor sport events too. There would by one supplier who would supply the same fuel for all trucks.”