9 October 2016

Driver Quotes from Saturday at Le Mans

Driver Quotes from Saturday at Le Mans

Race 1

1st - Jochen Hahn

“It was not so easy especially in the start. I had too much wheelspin and I thought ‘this is not good’ but then I got up my speed and it was ok.

“Norbi (Kiss) and I touched but he gave me the place and then it was OK. After two laps my tyres came in – the wheelspin went away and then I could really push.

“I am very happy for me and my team. There was pressure not to do any mistakes but now I feel really good to have taken my fourth Championship.”


2nd – Nobert Kiss

“I made a good start, and I could keep my position apart from the chicane when I had to go off the road. I gave my place back to Jochen (Hahn) and then it was OK.

“I tried to stay with him but either he was quicker or I got slower and I couldn’t really stay with him although I was close. I am really happy though because it is a huge improvement for the team from last year and we have made really good progress.”


 3rd – Adam Lacko

“I am disappointed.

“I knew I had to attack at the start and Norbert and I touched and it broke something in the steering, I think.

 “After that it was really difficult because I had really bad understeer so I suppose third is not too bad but it is the end for my championship.”


Race 2

Quotes taken immediately after the race

1st – Anthony Janiec (subsequently excluded)

“For me it is difficult because I had a little contact with Lenz and then I think Lenz and Ellen had a big contact so I feel bad for that.

“I am happy to win, of course, and at Le Mans, but it is difficult for me to feel too happy. I feel bad for the other drivers.”


2nd – Steffi Halm

“I saw a big screen with the damage (the two red flag incidents) and I thought ‘Wow!’.

“On the restart, I was never really in a position to attack Janiec and I made a small mistake at the start of the race and I lost some time.”


3rd – René Reinert

“It was a long time to have the helmet on, nearly two hours I think!

“Although we were racing pretty hard Jochen (Hahn) was protecting me not so much attacking me, as nobody wanted a third restart!

“I hope it is all ok for them for tomorrow.”





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