The Series

The Series

The biggest, most imposing racing series in the world, the FIA European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) is a truly unique motor sport spectacle and the pinnacle of global truck racing with the most professional teams and drivers competing in a pan-European series.

Even though some of its events celebrated their 30th anniversary or more, the recognition as an official FIA championship and current format has been in operation since 2006. The FIA ETRC's first ever promoter, ETRA Promotion GmbH, has been mandated since 2016. Several well-known manufacturers are represented in the FIA ETRC, namely IVECO, Freightliner, MAN, Scania and Ford.

Open for any kind of sustainble technology, ETRA has committed to the Paris Agreement to reach net zero by 2038 at the latest. A significant move in ETRA’s sustainability focus is the introduction of biofuel to the FIA ETRC from the 2021 season, making it the first ever FIA-regulated competition to switch to a fuel fully originated from renewable sources (HVO biofuel).

The very popular championship attracts each year around 420.000 spectators from the industry and beyond (more marketing data here). The very familiar paddock atmosphere doesn’t only attract family and friends but at most events it also functions as an industry exhibition for OEMs, fleet owners, drivers and business decision takers (go to events)

The FIA ETRC events are not just events for the (truck) drivers but with the (truck) drivers – aligned with this mindset, the promoter ETRA has launched its #onetruckfamily campaign with then objective to unite all industry professionals and to contribute with positive image transfer and emotions to the truck driver shortage crisis (see here)

The FIA ETRC in a nutshell:

  • Four races (2+2) per event
  • Two Qualifying and Super Pole sessions per event
  • Speed limit at 160 km/h (probably the most unique regulation in motorsport – but safety first)
  • Minimum weight per vehicle 5,3t
  • Reversed grid at race number 2 and 4 for trucks positioned 1st - 8th in previous race
  • “Black smoke” – first infringement leads to a warning and in case of a second infringement to an exclusion
  • Race drivers attributed in two categories: Chrome and Titan; with only “Chrome” eligible for the Goodyear Cup

For more information on the FIA ETRC Sporting and Technical Regulations please click HERE