Hall of Fame

Massimo Semprini

A resident of Misano Adriatico, Massimo is the son of a truck driver. He started driving his father's truck when he was legally allowed. Massimo became a member of the transport cooperative and became one of the first truckers to convert to using demountable dump trucks. Over the years he has expanded his business, and now owns three trucks, two Scanias and one Volvo.

Augusto Schiavi

“It was an experience I will never forget,” said Augusto Schiavi driver and Goodyear's Misano #onetruckfamily truck hero. “I had the chance to fully live an incredible track experience at Misano. Two intense days, full of unique and exciting activities, starting from the chance to feel what it’s like to be in the paddock and on the starting grid during the competition."

Michele Piazza

Born in Syracuse (Sicily). At an early age he would get up at 4 am and work with his father in a 1989 IVECO Turbostar 190 36. In 1998 Michele was called to do military service and he took all his vehicle licences. A move to Pescara in 2003 saw metal sheet transport work and in 2014 his great desire of purchasing a Volvo fh4 came true. Michele participates in national and international customisation competitions.

Luigi Cappetta

Luigi was a proud nominee representing IVECO at the first ever #onetruckfamily event at Misano

Emiliano Zucchetto

“This day as a Truck Hero proposed by ETRA and Trasporto Commerciale has been very exciting.Being a Truck Hero for me means fulfilling my dream as a child. A trucker has to transform the passion into everyday things, only in this way you can feel the treasure of every journey. I recommend to young people to consider this work and to appreciate the feeling of freedom."

European Truck Racing Championship Hall of Fame

Champions taken from 2006 when the official FIA European Truck Racing Championship was Conceived.