The Entertainment


The FIA European Truck Racing Championship (ETRC) on-track action is only a part of a wider entertainment package which ensures there really is something for everyone at ETRC events throughout the year.

Spectators enjoy a packed weekend at the carnival of ETRC action, with two ETRC races per day over the weekend.

There is also support race action in 2016 including the spectacular Blancpain GT cars to entertain the fans at Nürburgring and Hungaroring.

Visitors will also get to enjoy plenty of other entertainment such as stunt displays, team areas, fairgrounds and of course lots and lots of truck culture.

Fan Zone

New for 2016 will be a specially designed innovative area for fans.

Here you can learn all about these racing giants, get official merchandising and meet other truck racing fans.

An all-inclusive philosophy will ensure that this Fan Zone is a freely accessible area, where there will also be opportunities to mix with your trucking heroes. This includes the winners podium and post-race press conferences taking place in front of the fans.

Afterwards the drivers will be happy to discuss their race, sign autographs and pose for photos to make the souvenirs that little bit more extra special.


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