Germandeu Steffi Halm
  • Steffi Halm Steffi Halm
Age 33
DOB 1984-06-09
Hometown Herrenberg (GER)
Lives Herrenberg (GER)
Family Single
Hobbies Handball, Sport

Racing Career

Stephanie Halm has become one of the most popular and up and coming talents in the FIA ETRC over recent seasons.

After making her truck racing debut in 2011 she simultaneously raced in GT and Touring Cars, carving out an impress reputation as a quick and intelligent racing driver.

Steffi, as she is univerally known, really started to make her mark in the FIA ETRC in 2015 when she scored a breakthrough win at Hungaroring.

2016 saw Steffi have her best ever season with a podium at her first event of the year at Misano followed up with wins at Nurburgring, Hungaroring and a double win at Le Mans. This netted her an exceptional fourth place in the standings.

The German has proven she is a winner on merit in the FIA ETRC. Now she will be hungary for more and will eye more victories and potentially a title challenge in 2017.


Truck racing debut with an overall 29th position
2013 FIA ETRC overall 15th position

2014 FIA ETRC overall 10th position

FIA ETRC overall 8th position
FIA ETRC with Reinert - 3 wins and fourth place in the championship
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