With real life racing on hold at the moment ETRA, the promoter of the FIA ETRC, has set up a digital strategy to bring truck racing into your home.

An official ETRC video game for fans was already launched last year, and now as part of a digital strategy the racing truck drivers will get a chance to compete against each other in the virtual world. 
Stay tuned to find out more about the third pillar of the digital strategy.


The virtual truck racing season will feature 8 events and is only open to full-season entrants of the FIA ETRC and will also see ETRC drivers who have been granted a special entry.

Organised on the “Assetto Corsa” gaming platform, the current truck racing drivers will compete against each other on a simulator of their choice. The virtual trucks all have the actual 2020 team livery and the same coding structure, however the drivers can make some individual modifications.

Rules and regulation are based on the real FIA ETRC and the virtual races will be monitored and supervised by an official clerk of the course, race control and officials, who all hold a DMSB license.

The ETRC digital racing challange will be broadcast live globally across ETRC’s social media platforms including on the official YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitch and the official website.


Round 1 - 24 May 2020, Hungaroring
Round 2 - 07 June 2020, Misano 
Round 3 - 21 June 2020, Slovakia Ring 
Round 4 - 28 June 2020, Nürburgring 
Round 5 - 05 July 2020, Most 
Round 6 - 19 July 2020, Zolder 
Round 7 - 02 Aug 2020, Le Mans 
Round 8 - 16 Aug. 2020, Jarama 

Each round will consist of two races which will be live streamed with race 1 starting at 18.00 CET and race 2 starting at 19.00 CET.


Fans who want to try their hands on virtual truck racing can play the official FIA ETRC game which is available on PlayStation 4™, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch™. 

Taming an overpowered, 5-tonne monster is entirely different from driving a race car or a motorcycle.  In the video game you will be plunged right into the middle of a FIA ETRC race where 5-tonne trucks go head to head in four 45km-long sprints with 12 trucks fighting on track. Speed restrictions of 160 kph, special passing techniques, physics and inertia distinct it from any other type of simulator. A reversed grid for race two, special penalties and a reservoir of 200-litres of water that must be managed manually to cool down the brakes add up to the challenge.

The simulation pushes the limits of what's possible, and everything has been designed to guarantee players all the thrills of truck racing and experience the ultimate challenge.

If you want to try your hand at racing a 5-tonne racing truck, get the game here